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Off-Duty Cops Want their Guns at Entertainment Sports Stadiums! Do League Rules Supercede State Laws ?

New York, NY: The New York City Police Sergeants Benevolent Association twitter feed states that Public Safety is compromised at entertainment / sports venues that do not allow off duty Police to carry fire arms. The SBA offers the following link petition Police question entertainment sports league’s rules preventing off duty police from entering stadiums armed in the wake of the Paris Stadium bombing by terrorist. Texas is the only State where sport league rules do not over-ride State laws…
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World: Paris Attacks Update 132 Dead, Homeland on Heightened Alert

Trenton, NJ: via NJ Homeland Security - There are no specific, credible threats to New Jersey in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, New Jersey’s homeland security and law enforcement agencies will remain on heightened alert throughout the day. Security has been increased at all events where large numbers of people are expected. French soldiers patrol near the Eiffel Tower today. Updated death tolls from Paris reveal at least 132 have…
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WORLD: France Terrorists Attacks ! 158+ Dead. Soccer Stadium Blast, Hostages at Concert Hall, Gun Fire, BORDERS CLOSED

Paris, France: Multiple terror operatives set off explosions and gun fire at multiple France locations. Entertainment Venues were targeted including a Paris restaurant, a Soccer Stadium blasted while 80,000 fans watched Germany play France. Another Concert Hall entertainment site's guests are being held hostage. Shooting started unannounced. French borders have been closed and the Army is clearing streets. Businesses are also closing. Police Security forces have an assault underway to rescue hostages and remove terrorists. Residents are in lockdown. Paris, France:…
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WOW; Jersey Strong Foundation Charity buys Turkey Dinners for Needy

New Jersey 11/12/2015: Work Out World, inc. , members, and the Jersey Strong Foundation, Inc. charity  have done it together again! With your ongoing support of the Jersey Strong Foundation, a 501c3 charity, we are able to give 131,600 people something to be thankful for. That’s right, the Jersey Strong Foundation just donated funds to purchase Thanksgiving Dinner for 131,600 New Jersey residents (who ALL needed a meal from the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County). It’s because of the…
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Sea Level Rising

Hurricane Sandy is a vivid reminder that coastal communities are vulnerable to the risk of damage from storms and flooding. Sea level rise increases the frequency and severity of coastal flooding in human and natural systems, even if storm patterns remain the same. FEMA provides information about flood risk based on current conditions. By statutory requirement, FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and other mapping products depict today's flood risk. Addressing flood risk based on current conditions has immediate, short-term…
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State Department Rejects Keystone Oil Pipeline

Washington, DC: 11/6/2015. On Friday morning, TransCanada’s website for the Keystone XL oil pipeline was still touting the “jobs, long-term energy independence and an economic boost” that the proposed 1,700 mile, 35-million-gallon-a-day conduit from Alberta’s tar sands to ports on the Gulf of Mexico would create for Americans. President Barack Obama on Friday flatly rejected each of those claims as he announced that after a seven-year review, the State Department had decided that the Keystone XL pipeline “would not serve…
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