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3 Years After Sandy: Are We Ready for the Next Storm?

Trenton, NJ: NJOP continues their round the clock Statehouse rally for Sandy relief, in the rain. A press conference is held across the street at the all wars Veterans Memorial. New Jersey Strong Photos / Stanley Brick. The Sierra Club of NJ, which was not at rally, issues the following statement: 3 Years After Sandy: Are We Ready for the Next Storm? New Jersey Sierra Club issues Annual Report Card. As…
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Do You Take Evacuation Orders Seriously ? Superstorm Sandy 286 fatalities

  Nearly half of the drowning deaths from 2012 Hurricane Superstorm Sandy were people in mandatory evacuation zones who died in their homes along the Eastern Seaboard. “A lot of the drowning occurred in the evacuation zones, and so that just reminds us how important it is to listen to these (evacuation) messages, whether it’s for a hurricane, tornado or any severe event,” says Amy Wolkin, Team Lead for CDC’s…
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Springsteen Appears at Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar

Asbury Park Strong  from the Wonder Bar / facebook. Bruce plays a magical night appearing unscheduled at Asbury Parks Wonder Bar. Bruce Springsteen appears at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park 7/18/2015. Thousands of fans were surprised by the unplanned concert. Asbury Park is one of New Jersey's best historic places to visit.  Photos via Facebook by Joe Lewin
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CDC Confirms Enterovirus D68 in Hamilton PreSchooler’s Death

Hamilton, NJ: The Center For Disease CDC confirmed 10/3/2014 that a 4 year old Yardville Pre - School boy from middle west central New Jersey died from Enterovirus D68. Notice from Hamilton Township, NJ Regarding Child’s Death Linked to Unexplained Respiratory Illness We were saddened to report that Hamilton Township experienced the death of a four year old child linked to an unexplained respiratory illness on Thursday, September 25th.  It has been reported…
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