trentonstateoftremayorTrenton, NJ: a message from Mayor Eric Jackson. TrentonCityHallsign

I am praying for the residents and families of the five Dallas police officers killed during a demonstration on Thursday night and for those individuals who were wounded. They are undoubtedly shaken by this horrifying act of violence against police and its residents. I am confident that this terrible event will not diminish the American people’s resolve to find ways to work together in common cause to solve significant challenges, including gun violence and the relationship our communities across the nation have with police. Let us not forget that violence will never be a solution to problems. Only sustained peaceful dialogue advanced by citizens from all walks of life can improve the quality of our cities and society. We are a great nation that has overcome great challenges. I have faith that we will get through these difficult times and emerge much stronger. Let us resolve to work together to overcome our challenges.

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