Five Years After Hurricane Sandy’s New Jersey Strong Evacuation Failure, Mass Casualty, Catastrophic Destruction, Energy Failure, and Gas Generator Misuse Poisonings: Public Service Electric & Gas Corp Elevates New Jersey Energy Strong Infrastructure.

Five Years After Sandy: How We’re Making New Jersey Energy Strong.

Newark, NJ: Since Superstorm Sandy left millions of New Jerseyans without power five years ago, PSE&G has completed strategic infrastructure investments that, in the event of another Sandy-like storm, will keep critical equipment out of floodwaters’ way and the lights on for many.
Under our $1.2 billion Energy Strong program, we have raised and reinforced electric substations and switching stations, replaced vulnerable natural gas mains and added technology to prevent critical customers from losing power.

When the Energy Strong upgrades are complete, about half a million PSE&G customers previously impacted would not lose power from flooding. And customers who did lose power would be restored more quickly.

Our Energy Strong investments have gone a long way in making our system better able to stand up to severe weather events. But there is much more to be done. We have aging equipment that needs focused replacement programs, and a need to make the grid smarter, raise more stations in flood prone areas, and protect more customers against weather and gas supply outages.

We hope to never see the likes of Sandy again, but we feel confident that our investments will ensure that our customers, employees and systems are better ready to weather severe storms in the future.

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Five Years After Sandy: How We’re Making New Jersey Energy Strong