Talc Baby Powder

New Brunswick, NJ – J&J reports 4.09.2019 – We stand behind Johnson’s Baby Powder because science confirms it is free of asbestos and safe to use. The accusations being made against our company are not only false, but the idea that we would purposefully and systematically target a community with bad intentions is unreasonable and absurd. We’re caught between sad and angry that anyone would ever allege this about our company.

Historic Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder ads

More than forty years of exhaustive internal and independent testing and clinical research prove that Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe and does not contain asbestos. Based on the extensive evidence, regulators and NGOs around the world – including the U.S. FDA – have concluded that talc is safe, and that Johnson’s Baby Powder does not contain asbestos. Further, our consumer products are intended for use among the general population. Efforts to determine who our customers are, and the use of advertisements that are meaningful to them and speak to their life experiences, is the very definition of marketing. Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe, and our campaigns are multicultural and inclusive. We believe that marketing to every community is a sign of respect, and we are proud that we have been pioneers in multicultural marketing. A court recently explained, in prohibiting a talc-litigation plaintiff’s attorney from making these very kinds of assertions at trial about our advertising to different demographics, “there is nothing improper or untoward about advertising and marketing products to various groups of consumers.” Plaintiffs’ attorneys who have publicly acknowledged that putting pressure on Johnson & Johnson “serves their interests” are the ones driving this baseless and outrageous narrative for the sole purpose of gaining an advantage in the litigation.

Historic Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder ads

Everything we do at Johnson & Johnson is in service of finding solutions to the healthcare concerns of consumers around the world. The allegations raised by critics regarding our business practices are not legitimate and are misleading. A core part of what we do as a company is listening to our consumers’ health concerns and providing solutions. Like other companies, we create and sell products based on what customers are asking for, including marketing these products to the people who want them most. This situation is no different. We firmly stand behind the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder and the ways in which we communicate with our customers. Share More: https://www.factsabouttalc.com/en-news.html


Imerys Talc America in Ludlow, VT. Photo by Stanley Brick