TRENTON, NJ: NJ Higher Education reports – New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education Zakiya Smith Ellis “On Friday, Secretary DeVos and the US Department of Education repealed a critically important measure designed to protect students from low-quality career-oriented programs—the gainful employment rule. Students attend college and technical schools to make a better way for themselves, and programs that purport to help launch students into careers that require high debt with little return actually make students worse-off in the long run. We owe it to students to ensure that programs promising ‘gainful employment’ actually provide it. Repealing this rule now leaves students vulnerable to ineffective or unscrupulous postsecondary education providers. The State of New Jersey is committed to protecting all students enrolled in higher education programs and we remain committed to working across state government to ensure that students who enroll in career-focused programs gain the skills they need to be successful in the labor market and earn wages sufficient to pay off their student loans. I will work with leaders across the state to ensure our students and residents benefit from appropriate oversight of education and training programs.”