Ewing, NJ: AFT Union teachers rally outside of Green Hall at The College of New Jersey 11.20.2019 for a fair state contract. Watch news video:

Ewing, NJ: AFT reports 11.20.2019 – On November 20 th , The College of New Jersey AFT Local joined the eight other state colleges in a Day of Action to protest the lack of a contract since July 1, 2019. This is the third time in eight
years faculty and professional staff have been without a contract. The sticking points include fair wages for adjunct faculty, who teach a large percentage of classes, as well as the State’s effort to push more and more issues out of the master contract and down to local negotiation.
When a campus negotiates an agreement specific to that campus, the union does not have the benefit of binding arbitration should there be a dispute. This leaves the administration open to ignoring an agreement the local union negotiated in good faith. The AFT continues to work toward a negotiated resolution to these issues.

Council of NJ Colleges Locals AFT Union reports 11.20.2019 – Faculty, Professional Staff and Librarians at the 9 State Colleges and Universities have been working without a contract since July. Today our members are speaking out in unity throughout the State to make sure our message is heard loud and clear: The State’s insistence on using underpaid contingent labor threatens to undermine the quality of higher education for our students. Let Gov. Murphy and the College Presidents know that you support fair pay and fair treatment for all employees at the State Colleges.