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New Jersey Strong Water Disasters – Trenton Water Lead Toxic Flow

Hamilton, NJ: Watch video of Trenton Water Works 2019 educational water contamination Hamilton Twp public meeting and 2016 Trenton public school press conference . During the HAMILTON TOWNSHIP COUNCIL May 7, 2013, Hamilton resident Ms. Elaine Candelori of Stewart Street stated that she is a recipient of a recent letter sent by Trenton Water Works and is deeply concerned about the toxic chemicals within the water. When she contacted the EPA about the matter, the advice given to her was that maybe she should drink some of the water and then some bottled water; she had to wonder what kind of people are working at EPA. She asked the Council what was being done about this matter. She asked if…
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WATER DISASTERS – Radon, Radium, and Uranium in Drinking Water Causing Cancer

New Jersey Guide to Radioactivity in Drinking Water: Uranium  Trenton, NJ: via DEP - Naturally occurring radioactive substances are frequently found in ground water in New Jersey. They are present at least to some extent in almost all rocks and soils. Radioactivity in drinking water is not a new phenomenon, having been present to some extent since the earth was formed. Despite this history, uranium in drinking water above the standard may be harmful to your health. Radionuclide testing of public drinking water systems has been required since the 1970's, however, uranium testing has not been required until recently. Concentrations of uranium in drinking water above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) over a long period of time is believed to cause kidney damage and to increase one’s lifetime risk of developing certain types of…
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